Very Few Times

I was hit very few times by my father.  He always told the tale of me running up to the pulpit in church and having to take me out and hit me when I was four and after I looked up at him with tearful eyes, he couldn't bring himself to ever hit me.

It happened three more times when i was 12-13 and due to the cheek of me, was very much deserved

My mother was more the hitter with wooden spoons, wet dishclothes across the leg and the palm of the hand across the cheek

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1 Response Mar 23, 2009

when i was little i didn't think there was anything wrong with it, my parents punished me with a wooden paddle. (if you call that hitting you). but my dad got violent when i started being a teenager. I cant remember the first time, because i was sleepy and he woke me up rather well in fact.... When i was about 14 he slapped me around and threw me a bit. Got choked, really scary. When he isnt mad me does play punches, and he hits my sisters on the but playfully sometimes. I got into a fight with him the other day and he was really mad. He got into a fighting stance and said that he was about two seconds from breaking my jaw. I know he meant it. I have reported it to DCFS a couple of times, but there is never enough evidence, and my dad had worked with them before in adopting some of my sisters so he can play their game rather well. he even told me he would get away with it as they were coming. None of my siblings will admit to it because they love him, and my dad told them that if they believe my story them they would be taken away from him and it would destroy the family. They love that rotten ***tard. my step mom has hit my sisters a couple of times when she gets mad, but not me because I'm bigger than her. Me and my dad might be the same size, but he was a U.S army ranger. It is better that i just ignore the whole problem right? That's what society has told me to do. THANKS DCFS another job well done. :)