My Mom

screaming at the top of our lungs right in each other faces i push her back away from me then a crack of hand on skin i stand their stunned hurt  that my own mother would hit me when i was only acting in self defense this has happen so many times to me that i know that story above by heart

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i'm really sorry that you were hurt physically and emotinally, I am a mother my self, and the truth is sometimes I want to slap my teen when she answers me back, but I don't. I stop myself right at that moment and tell my self,"be quiet and listen to what is being said, you are the adult and she is the child take control of yourself, because no matter what is being said at this moment, everything,everywirk,wveryaction,every respond is going to be remembered by her. your the adult,teach her how to react intelligently", this is what happens in my situation,and as a mother my hearth is very broken, but my daughters heart is more important to comfort from the pain from all the words that have been said,which is mostly hers. I would like to know more about how your situation came to be. tell me.

It kills me to think that parents think they can enflict harm to there own childen, don't they know that its there own flesh and blood they are hurting or does it matter?

My insane mother frequently threatened to splash boiling water on my face if i didn't obey her...i can survive any psychopath if i have survived her

No one should feel entitled to call you worthless. I am a big believer in honoring and respecting your parents because there are experiences and fears and traumas on their lives that many times are hard for their sons and daughters to understand. However, your life and it's worth is only your domain. Just being alive makes you a miracle and a potential treasure for the world. I know is hard to sse from your point of view, but you can be bigger and set your standards above you Moms. You will eventually show her and the world how much are you capable of and she will be proud and probably ashamed of the treatment she gave you. But remember all that change is in your hands, and how her treatment affects you is in you too. She can keep hitting you but only you have the power to choose how to react and how to let that affect you. If nothing else it should inspire you to be a better person than she is at that moment.

she backed me in a corner telling me i was worthless and i just want to push my mother out of the way so i could just run away