Numerous Times

And the thing is, I was never the one who initiated. Here's my experience: 

The first fight I was ever in was in the middle of the eighth grade. I never engaged in it. It was P.E. and I was in a private school, therefore we had to change out of our nice uniforms into our P.E. uniforms. Well, when I went into the dressing rooms, all of the girls glared at me (which was weird, because none of them seemed to have a problem with me before). Anyway, the next thing I heard was "lesbo" and it all was a blur of commotion. Initially, my first girlfriend, Nikky, and I were kicked out of the locker room. From then on, Nikky ditched, and I never changed, receiving an "F" in P.E. class, because 50% of our grade was changing out, therefore leaving me with a perfect athletic score, but a zero in changing out: 50% for P.E. In private school, 70 and below was an F.


I didn't stand up for myself at all. I was crushed.


At the end of the week of that commotion, I was at my locker, getting some books for my next class. I suddenly hear my former best friend, Sabrina's, voice: 

"So I hear your a lezzie now? What's up with that? Is it because your new dyke friend, Nikky, is turning you gay?!"

I didn't respond, and stared at the back of my locker.

"Georgia, don't ignore me! You know what I'm talking about. Your gay! Your a disgusting pervert! Just--

Suddenly a felt a huge blow to the head. She slammed my locker door to my face. I fell to the ground.

--admit it!"

I stood up and before I could do anything, she slammed my head into the now closed locker. My head was seering, my eyes were watering, and I couldn't take it anymore.

"Sabrina! What're you doing?!"

"Knocking the gayness out of you!"

At that point I was just so disgusted by her actions and so angry at her that I just gave havea taste of her own medicine.

"How'd you like it if I kicked the ***** outta you, huh?" With that said I knee'd her in the stomache and slammed her head into a neighboring locker. By then, the teacher's came in from outside (it was lunch/recess) and stopped the fight.

She got sent home. I had to wait in the nurses office because I was way more beat up than her. I had a gash in the side of my head and and bruising head; not to mention the splitting headache.

From then on we were split and seperated. I got into a lot of other fights that had to do with my sexuality from then on until I got into high school. In high school I vowed to not make a fight or engage myself.


In high school, I got in a fight with a guy because of jealousy. My girlfriend at the time cheated on me with him. I engaged that, but I punched him one and walked away.  


I also got an iceball thrown at my face for being gay by a few guys. I did not engage.


The last fight with a woman that I got in was this girl my senior year who stepped into my territory. I was stage crew manager, crew manager, head lights, and assistant technical director. So yes, backstage is my territory. She was apart of the audience and not allowed backstage. Well, I told her she was not able to go backstage. She protested. I asked again. She tried to push her way through. I pushed her back. She took me by the shirt (she weighed 150 and was 6 ft; i weighed 115 and was 5'4") and broke two buttons on my costume (among all of the other titles, I was also in the play, a gangster in guys and dolls) and I wasn't going to have it. I punched her in her collar bone and pushed her again, and that's when all of the other ganster's got in pulling us apart. She left, crying. Ha. I went out back to have a smoke.

The play went on fabulously, by the way.


Those are my experiences.

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3 Responses Mar 9, 2009

Hang in there, things are a lot better now then they where 30 years ago. It will only get better, the acceptance of people who do not follow the same path as the other sheep but carve out their own path in life.

Ha, thank you. Yes, after the fact, it was really funny to think about a bunch of gangsters fighting with some random chick backstage before the production. We should have sent it to Funniest Home Videos. <br />

Imagining an entire cast of guys and dolls having it out backstage is hillarious. I don't think being physically "hit on" was quite what the title for this meant, but that is the great thing about the English language. Violence sucks, but I am glad to hear that you defended yourself. HUGS