I Suppose It's Flattering.

I used to shoot a lot of pool. Pretty much daily at this one bar.

One guy I had known for a while, shot with often, asked me one night if I was gay. Told me he was and hoped I was interested. I declined gracefully.

The strange thing was at one time or another I was hit on by his sister and his mother too. The whole damn family wanted my ***!

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Well, seems like everyone who's smoked that pole has liked it so far. Lots of satisfied smirks. Maybe it IS magical!<br />
And while I dearly appreciate SG's GOOD INTENTIONS, I will decline. I have experimented with other methods to achieve the stimulation You described and the methods aren't worth the madness to me.<br />
Nevermind some hairy guy that will drink my beer too!

Dude, is the sixth hair on your some magical herb, seems like they wanted that to make potions! ;)

i jnow why it'd be best if the man used a condom. i haven't met a man yet that i'd trust to go in the backdoor lol. for me, that would be very personal, moreso than the front door.

It can be enjoyable... but it takes a "giver" who REALLY understands how to do it right... LOTS AND LOTS of lube... and I strongly, strongly, strongly suggest the giver uses a condom if male. (Think about it, you'll figure out why. In addition to the STD question.)

lol. i don't know about anyone else, but i have enough trouble in that area for what it's intended for, let alone putting something in there lol. TMI i know. sorry!

ALL men need to be pegged in the behind at least once. It can be enjoyable... and men should enjoy it even more since you have your prostate gland in there... supposed to be like our G-Spot. If it is... you are REALLY missing out by not having your rosebud pounded!

Yeah? And how did you like it?<br />
<br />
And now you recommend I try it? I thought we were friends!

Hey, at least I've tried it! That's more than you can say! Ha, ha! Wuss!

Sorry Saratoga. I want some guy pounding my *** just about as much as you do I think.

Why not? It could lead to something beautiful!

Should I hit on Overman to make him feel better?

C'mon needit ... admit you would like to try getting it on with a nice young man!

Well, not to me you aren't! But I will bet that you were sending out "No Touching" vibes that night! Seriously.

Well, I consider sexual orientation to be on a sliding scale between gay and straight and even this changes per person over the course of time. I wouldn't call myself completely straight, but I couldn't go as far as say I was bisexual either.<br />
<br />
I thought about the "gadar" thing, but my friends were at least as heterosexual as me. It's weird how you think, what the hell am I chopped liver.

That's just what I need. I've already got enough perversions going for me!

No, not bad, jerrica... not at all. But I DO think you might give another girl a thought... hey... you never know! ;-)

oops, my bad!

i have to say, nid and jerrica, you both crack me up! and overman, gay men have a sixth sense for other gay men. they probably knew why you were there. you are attractive. and nid, would you EVER consider experimenting with a man or is that never gona happen?

Oh, poor overman! And you might have such a good time with a nice gay stud!<br />
<br />
No Jerrica...ha, ha... I was talking to needit... I think he should spread HIS candy around with some nice gay dudes... really have a grand ole time.<br />
<br />
As for getting a gf for yourself, though jerrica... I HIGHLY recommend it!

I used to go to a gay dance bar when I was in college. They had great music and a non-judgmental atmosphere. There were mostly gay guys there, but some really wild bisexual and gay women hung out there too. The bisexual women were a big draw for me, so I had a lot of fun there. All my friends that I went there with got hit on by gay guys, but it never happened to me once. I guess I am just not attractive to gay men.

are u talking to me,SG? spread the candy around? lol. one time me and my sister said we were going to get gf's because we were getting disgusted with men.

Ha, ha... I meant a god on your knees to that poor man you rejected! I'll bet you could have given him the finest head he had ever had! (That's quite some word order!)<br />
<br />
Do tell... why not give the boys a break and spread your candy around?

aww ain't that sweet! maybe there is such a thing as a considerate man after all.

Well, strangely, since I've met you, I seem to be suffering from morals again. I wouldn't want anything, even innocent flirting, to hurt what I've found with you.

you don't need my approval, babe.

I did feel badly disappointing that poor girl. But like I said in my defense, it was a rare occurrance. <br />
<br />
On my knees? Certainly. I've done that before. Some ladies prefer to stand and my tongue is quite addiquet to reach "the spot".<br />
<br />
And if you decide you want one Saratoga, and Miss J approves, I've got a "tip" for ya right here! LOL!

Really! Maybe he could give us pointers... even fashion tips!!!


Yeah, maybe! Who knows... he might be quite accomplished on his knees!

maybe he's keeping secrets from us, SG. whatcha think? lol

Well, if I can add something here....<br />
<br />
I think you should have taken HIM up on the offer. You might have been very, very pleasantly surprised!<br />
<br />
But that's just little ole bi-sexual me talking here.

always wanting more. men and manners? isn't that another oxymoron? lol you didn't think it was rude to turn away the hot indian girl.

Wait a minute. Are you saying share and share alike? Or are you going to keep that all to yourself?LOL!<br />
<br />
And what do you mean greedy? If a lady offers you a precious present, wouldn't it be rude to turn her away? I do have manners you know!!

could you be any more greedy? lol

You can never make up for lost *****. Even if you find a dozen more, you know it should have been 13.

you must have been drunk or something LOL. i would have never thought a man like yourself would have passed up that kind of opportunity. but you made up for it at some point, right?

I learned my lesson.<br />
That girl I was seeing made me an offer.She and her girlfriend from work wanted to have a ********* with me, if I wouldn't mind them also having a ********* with the girlfriends husband. I turned it down. And, I missed out on that Indian girl. Oh man, she was a hardbody honey!<br />
So, I missed my shot at an FMF ********* AND the hardbody! Damn!

lol. so you don't have morals now? surprise surprise!

One of the ladies who came out of the woodwork after they determined I wasn't gay. She was hot, we both wanted it. But I was seeing someone else. Back when I used to have morals and stuff.

i wasn't insulted either. i just wanted them to know i didn't like ladies that way. why did you leave the sister hanging?

Oh, he and I stayed friends. I wasn't insulted, didn't have some homophobic fit.<br />
I did end up alone with the sister one evening. A good looking Indian girl. Things started to become heated, but it was the one time the big head over-ruled the little head. I backed off, to her disappointment, and got the hell out of there.

me too. but once i let them know i didn't play that way, they backed off.