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The Belt

Sometimes we were given actual ritualistic spankings with the belt. But when mom was in a rage she would come charging at us with the belt. And the best thing to do would be to get into a fetal position and cover my face and head. Then the blows would land on my arms and legs and back. I just had to hold on until the rage was spent. I may crave spanking for myself now, but I will never spank a child or hit them in any way.
veralynn veralynn 26-30, F 3 Responses Jul 22, 2012

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I gave three individual swats to shock my daughters out of tantrums.

So don't go for the "never" option.
I lost it once and spanked one daughter at age 12 about 8 to 10 swats over jeans (suspect it hurt my hand more than her butt)

I had a raging mother who would go nuts. Sometimes come in and dump our drawers on the floor. My sisters sobbing snot would dutifully clean up the room.

I would notice how I could now easily see my clothes and left them there. 3 weeks later she came and picked up my room.

I don't know how many times she pulled the stunt on my sisters but dozens. On me twice.

I also learned to run and just fast enough that she was sure she could catch me any second. When I heard her breath get ragged, I'd slow down, left her catch me and use a hairbrush on me. She was wiped, three or four swats,hard but nothing major, she got the emotional release she needed, I got some exercise and probably less of a spanking than I deserved (not that I think kids deserve spankings, but... I always had my halo on crooked)

Haha...I like your strategy. My big brother used similar techniques.

Oh sweetie.. I hate that it happen ( big hugs) .<br />
My dad used to spank me and my brother with a leather belt. We had to count it out, funny when he had other kids he never touched them and then found God lol.<br />
<br />
Your not her ..

Thanks. It means a lot to me coming from someone who went through similar things. And I do worry about being her, so thanks.

There is a huge difference between whipping a child with a belt and getting spanked as an adult for sexual gratification. ........ now come here and bend over......