Once Again.....

My husband and I are going to be homeless again. We spent almost an entire year out on the streets in Vegas. Neither one of us gamble either so that isn't why. We were told that coming to Vegas would be better cause it's easier to get a job. well, if I could find the young man that told me this I just might end up punching him right in his face!!!!! We didn't get a single job interview at all and ended up on the streets. I've run into some pretty strange things out there. However not all of us have are bad people who act like animals. We ended up using our money we would get from his computer jobs that he does and just really nice people helping us out to help us survive outside. No booze/drugs/or anything else that is a total waste of money. We posted ads up on craigslist to work in exchange for a room and ended up getting off the streets. That was 3 months ago. Now that all the work is just about finished we are facing being out there again. However we have meet some really good people who can help us better than the last time. We might not be out there for as long. I just wanted to share this with anyone who was out there. I hope you are doing much better than before.  Just recently things started going alot better. I wrote this just last month. Now my husband might have a really nice job and some people got together and but me a 30 day bus pass!!!!! I feel so relieved right now. Thank you everyone who read this and had so much positive and caring things to say. It really means alot. So now just hope that he gets the job and I can find one to.
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I was almost where you are had it not been by pure luck that things changed. This economy is capable of destroying even the best of us and I can tell that you're a very decent responsible person. I thought the recession of the late 70's was bad and it pales in comparison to this debacle. Hang in there.

Thanks. I really appreciate your statement about being a responsible person. Life has gotten a lot better since I first posted this. We didn't end up back on the streets.=)

My wife and I both lost our jobs at the same time also, and it was quite scary. She's since found another one and is doing quite well thank god. But I know the feeling of looking into that abyss.

Just from reading a few of your posts I can tell you are a good caring person, and I am sure that you are gaining experiances in life that you will be able to use to help others in the future. Go bless you and your husband

Thank you. I have already started helping others because I understand their feelings. Life is what you make of it.=)

Let us know how you are! I am far away but I care.

Thanks, I'm always happy when someone cares. We are doing much better since I posted this. We both even have jobs now! Yay. =)

Hope you get out of these troubles. Atleast you have each other.

Thank you. We have come a long way. Things have started to look up again.

Wow! great!! :)

im sorry to hear about your dilemma. stories like these grive me. hang in there, be strong and you'll be rewarded in the end.

My heart goes out to you as I know how tough life can be this way. I've had many close calls living on borrowed time and space.

I am in Vegas, and I might be able to help.<br />
Email me if you want to talk about it.<br />