Homeless In Houston

I was homeless after I was removed from the girls group home I had been living in Beaumont as a kid by aunt and then abandoned in houston. Covenant House picked me up and was going to send me to CPS and press charges on my aunt. My aunt took me until the end of the school year. Later my senior year of HS at Westside High School I was renting a room I found in the greensheet. I was working two jobs and trying to finish high school. My rent went up and I had to go to the mission of yahweh shelter. It was a bad place. I stayed there until I started college at SHSU. after college I got into law school and became homeless again because i flunked out of law school and had no more financial aid. I lived in a motel with my two cats and a dog and worked at a book factory until I got fired. I moved back to my college town and slept in a church for 3 months while trying to find a job. I found a job in a call center an hour aaway and worked there for three months before I found another call center job a bit closer. being homeless sucks. It sucked even more when I was supposed to be in law school.
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1 Response Dec 15, 2012

If you have enough discipline to work two jobs while attending high school and completing college, you can do anything. I hope things have gotten better for you. Good luck to you.