How The Country Treats You After You Get Sick.

I have always been a generous person. I took care of people to the extent of not having what I need to live at times.

I began working at 7 years old. Part of my work was doing the dirty jobs on a farm and I worked illegally for my father's family business in construction. My life was very abusive so I tried running away but got caught. I finally was able to move out at 16 and took care of my girlfriend in an apartment. She and I married and divorced. I had a second marriage and divorce and each time I walked away with just what was on my back and took care of myself.

Now to how I became homeless. I am 54 years old and contributed to society since I was 7. I was admitted through the emergency room and was found to have cancer. I was unable to work and state and fed insurances like social security and short term unemployment/sick benefits didn't kick in for several months. I was evicted while being treated for cancer. I went to get chemo and had no where to go after. I couldn't stay in a shelter because chemo destroys your immune system. This was the 3rd time in my life I lost all that mattered to me except I didn't have any way to take care of myself. 

It took about 8 months for my benefits to kick in. I did get welfare so I could get something to eat and I continued my health services through Medicaid. I was able to get into a program for destitute disabled people and got an apartment.
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That is just.... Wow. I don't even have words. I admire your will/ability to keep going. That's so horrible to hear, but you're here sharing your story with us, you're a survivor. Hope things only get better for you!

Yes. I am considered permenently disabled and theirfore my income is low from SSD which is social security disability. I have so many medical issues and apts that I can't hold a job. I also can't pass drug tests due to medications I take