I use to be homeless when I was younger. Is it weird that I actually enjoyed being homeless? First time I was homeless, I had a job, went to school, and went to therapy.
I rode the bus everywhere and I loved it. I never knew my way around the city, until I became homeless. Thankfully, I had great friends back then and I got to stay at different people houses each night.
If that didn't work out I would just stay at gas stations and chill with the workers there. If I wasn't riding the bus I was walking everywhere. That was wonderful exercise for me and definitely helped me lose weight.
One night I was relaxing across from the gas station a cop pulled up, and scared the crap out of me, he asked for my I.D and asked if anyone was looking for me. I said no and since I was 18 (I think) he let me go and said that if I needed something to call him. Thankfully I didn't.
Haha I remember when I was riding the bus one early morning and I was so exhausted that I just passed out and I guess hours later I suddenly jerked awake, wiping the drool away from my mouth and the bus was filled with people, lol. I wasn't even embarrassed and a man asked if I had a good sleep and I was like hell yeah and people laughed. If you have any questions, just ask :)
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It's good that you have a positive I look on that not many people would

Out look*

Yes, thankfully. I was pretty fortunate to have a great experience.

I miss it at times. I actually feel trapped bound to my possessions. In some ways it's better now but I still feel in prisoned at times... All the time.

I feel the same sometimes. I guess you could say things were simpler when I was homeless and I didn't have to worry about so much.

God yes I went where I wanted when I wanted. I woke up when I wanted and if I was tired I slept. If I was hungry I ate. I never begged I did couch surf. The old me would kick the new me's ***. I own a house and have a 401k <sigh> I have become the corporate monkey I loathed. It's just hard to settle down with out giving in. No one wants to date a 30 yr old homeless guy. Lol

Yeah, I loved sleeping in different places each night...

You it's funny I would never pass up a free meal in fact some nights I might have three dinners in one night because I was never sure when the next meal would be. I don't mean that as bad as it sounds in fact it never bothered me heck I never really look back and think of being hungry. It's funny to turn down food now days though. This is so weird I don't think I have ever really talk about this before.

Really? I don't really remember eating that much. Just some food that my friends offered me, sometimes. Well I'm happy you're able to talk about it :)

I would get invited to a couple peoples houses and I would never say no. Course then a couple days might go by with no invite at all. No biggy I would just cut a new belt hole and keep on keeping on. One time I stayed at a UT campus dorm toon for 3 months (I didn't attend there). I would hustle pool for extra cash in the rec hall. I was there so much the cantina in the building assumed I was suppose to be there so they would give me meals for lunch.

Damn nice. I would just stay in random gas stations and sleep on buses. I had a job so I worked then went to school and therapy and then chilled during the night. My Mom actually saw me one time at the gas station.

Messed up what did she do?

Nothing. She just told me she saw me. I actually saw one of my higher up managers at the gas station as well. That was kinda weird, only cause he was asking me what I was doing there.

Did you tell you were there for the two ply and red bull? Jk I was lucky I always had a couch or a car to sleep in

Haha naw I told him I was homeless, he said if you ever need anything to just ask. The second time I was homeless I had a car to sleep in.

Hey never underestimate the power of the two ply. I use to carry that and a can opener every where I went

Really? I just carried around a couple of bags with clothes and other things

Me too. Hitchhiked cross country with the best friend I ever had. Lot of fond memories on that trip. I miss sleeping outdoors. I almost never slept indoors... Unless you count the tent we got after the end of our travels, the opposite end of the country.

That's awesome! I would love to hitchhike sometime...

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