I Was Put On The Street By The State Of Missouri

My story needs a "back story" so here it is..When I was ten years old I was being abused by my mother.  She pulled out the "my daughter is crazy" card. I was put in a childrens mental ward and warehoused from hospital to group home to foster care to hospital to group home..You get the point. At age 15 I was put in States custody and bonced around even more. At some points I was put in homes that had nothing to do with who I was. the last placement was in a home for unwed mothers..I was not prego..lol. (let me say that I learned how to smoke drink do drugs and have sex in all these places they were keeping me)..anyway. For my 17th birthday I was taken out of state custody and put on the streets with no real life skills and no way to survive. I was homeless, living on the street, in abandoned houses, in crack houses, in shelters for 5 years. In that time i had three children and had married another homeless fellow who was a month younger then my own mother. Needless to say, I had a very hard time getting off the streets and getting stable. I am 33 years old now and just in the past  5 years have i started to recover and heal and now I own my own business and am getting ready to move into a 6 bedroom home on a horse ranch and using the space to start my own 501 c3 org to help people who have been where I am at.

That's the short version of my story.

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Wow. Nice post. I am impressed with what you are doing.

i been homeless for 12 yrs and no end in sight read my blog and tell all your friends on this site

I'm glad your planning on helping others..You are a very brave young woman..So many succumb to the streets it's nice to know you were able to overcome it all...