Ahhhh....high School.

My sophomore year some "friends" of mine decided they would have a bit of fun at my expense. There was a particular girl for whom I had a rather large crush. Taking advantage of this, my "friends" started leaving notes and messages in my locker. The notes were signed "A secret admirer" and my "friends" convinced me that the drop dead gorgeous girl that I was mad about was the culprit. Being 15 and still in a bit of that awkward stage between boy and man I had little to no self confidence and it took them a while to accomplish this task. If I remember right, it was at least 20 notes and the better part of 3 months before I began to believe. My "friends" were quite patient and played their parts well. Once I was sold on the idea it was all over. I finally got the courage up to approach her and ask her for a date. Needless to say that conversation didn't go quite as I had planned and I spent the rest of the day suffering from a highly reddened face and a bruised self image that took months to get over. I'm not sure humiliated is a severe enough word for how I felt.

I look back toady and laugh. It was actually quite character building and I learned who my friends truly were. I hated going through it and I wish it on no one but it turned out in the end.
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So curiosity is getting the better of me here.
You went to a small school and know where the so called friends are now, what about the girl?

She turned out to be not the woman of my dreams. Still a super nice girl but not for me. She is doing well though.

I can understand that!

Like goliathtree has mentioned it made you a stronger person.

I wouldn`t want to live those years over.

Me either. Oh....and that girl? Not sure exactly what I saw in her......

Horrid little wretches. :(

Bastards all of them. Including the girl that they got to write the notes in girls handwriting.

Yep. Every one of them. :/

Aww...those are some of the most tumultuous years...we are so unsure of ourselves, and painfully shy...I'm glad you came out alright, lots of kids don't ever get over the teasing, and humiliation that is high school...

Thanks for sharing!! :)

True. Thankfully I did blossom a bit and turn out not too awkward.

Kids can be so mean. Reading this, I think of my own son, who is 15. He's got other things that make him really awkward like Asperger's syndrome. Still no matter what the teen years are tough enough without having to deal with bullies and mean pranks.

I love it when the kids who get picked on turn out to be Bill Gates when they grow up.

Not sure if my son will end up being a Bill Gates, but he does have some big dreams and he is highly intelligent like most kids with Asperger's syndrome are.

Never doubt where he can go or what he can do.

I will always encourage my kids dreams, no matter what they are.

Like the loving mother that you are! The world needs more of moms like that.

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