Searching The Truth

We have all been hurt by someone we loved and trusted.  It's a common theme here at EP.  This isn't about being hurt by a church as much as it is a searching for the truth.  With all the criticism's of the bible, one would have to agree that the historical nature of the bible tells us that history repeats itself and just as children, we never learn.  In my perinthetical search for the truth, I have found reason to dispute the nature of Christians as they exist in most churches today.  Even the most devout have turned their backs on others in their time of need.  Others never stood up for the principles they believe in.  When I left my church, I had a woman tell me that she was going to step in next time.  That she was never going to let another person be pushed out of this church.  Fine for the next one, where were you when I needed you.

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silent witness when you are open your eyes very well around you with out pr- judgment on another religious

look this debate and look to another debates

Silentwitness,<br />
It is not only our arms alone around you, but also Jesus'!<br />
Remember all the people you SEE in church are not necessary believers in the real God, or Christians. Anyway we are still people with sins.<br />
Love from our savior = Jesus, the Christ!<br />
<br />
I agree and love the comments that all the above commentators posted!

Don't let this stop you from finding another Church. Select one to visit; keep trying this until you find a Church you are comfortable with. Start with just worshipping there. Let God guide and direct you from there.

Gosh guys, feels like I have all your arms around me. What a feeling! Thank you

Thank you for your comments and support.

The Lesson I see within your story is this. Just because people go to church it doesn't mean they live the life they are suppose to. "Discern" the behaviour of all people that comes in your life, to see if they are true to GOD, or just true to HIM on Sunday. <br />
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You are a trusting soul and by all rights people who go to church should be the example of how to live right, but they are not. I am glad you didn't give up on GOD, because GOD never gives up on us, not even those who hurt you. <br />
<br />
Psalms 32:8 GOD says HE will teach HIS people, guide them to living right and just. <br />
You can trust that Scripture. It's true..<br />
<br />

You're words are very well spoken; and what all must come to terms with is that God never lies, therefore we are to trust in only Him while putting no confidence in man. Psalms118:8 <br />
What you said about history repeating itself is very true, and when it does the scale of death with waste and desolation shall be the greatest time of trouble that has ever been or shall ever be. My only life is to scatter God's seeds of truth, and by the hearts of who needs water to grow roots, God will have mercy upon whom He will have mercy. Romans 9:18