A Church Without A Soul

I remember my church as being spiritual on this inside, but not very spiritual on the outside.  Until I got into the politics of church, I felt welcomed as I built my new little family behind me.  But they, as my family, turned in my time of need.  Few if any thought of visitation, it was mostly left to the pastor.  Few thought of the new members that we would often go and sit next to.  I remember two new members in particular who, when we took the time to notice them, thanked us for acknowledging them.  You can't see the innards of a church at first.  Become a member of the family though and you can see it all.  Whether or not you choose to be part of that kind of church  is up to you.  But I don't believe God had that kind of worship in mind.  Everyone talking about you before hand and then going into church to pray next to you.

There are times that we get angry with one another.  It is hard to worship next to someone you are angry with, but it is done. Getting pushed out of a church by members who set their sights on you and no church member standing in your defense after you've given your all to them is just wrong.  It happens all the time.  They are of the world.  They are not of the Church of Christ, that which is within us.  The only one holding that church together was its pastor who everyone complained about.  The pastor left, the church fell apart, and they are still floundering for permanent pastor after four years in the wilderness.  Thats what happens to a soulless church.

Those who seek the truth will find each other.  It doesn't have to happen in a church.

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And it starts...
I'm not trying to tell you to give up but I would like to share with you my experience with going to church. Your situation is not uncommon. Been there. Done that. No t-shirt, just pain. I used to think it was them. Then I blamed myself - how can a "good" Christian have so many issues with church?
One day I realized that my "issues" with church were much deeper than just being a happy church goer. My issues all stemmed from one thing, my failure to REALLY believe.
If you are struggling with church, you might want to look deep in your heart and really ask yourself if you really believe in God or if you just want to.

Thank you for sharing. We need some serious reform!

You're words have remarkable truth within to be taken by heart that we live within a world of religious blindness because the genuine love of Christ that we are all expected to have as the written commandment in John 13:34 is just not obeyed. And us as the body of Christ that are to have that love that means so much to our Father 1 Corinthians 13:2 that we will lose our entrance to the tree of life without it. Revelation 22:14 <br />
<br />
So says God, but why is that truth not taught? Because the blind lead the blind. Matthew 15:14<br />
And for those of us who understand love we must know that God is watching us while He knows our every thought, action and intent of the heart. Hebrews 4:12-13 <br />
<br />
So we must only strive for the love of Christ that passeth knowledge that we might be filled with the fullness of God while never judging others and only trying to love our enemies as Jesus Christ loved His with the words when on the cross. . .Father forgive them, for they know not what they do. <br />
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Examine youself always while knowing God's expectations. What have you done for others to show you're love?

I'm happy to hear you found support.

I had a simular experience, the people I thought would be there for me during a rough patch were not, but to my great surprize some people that I thought didn't give a care, were there, they were not however church members.............hummmmm.