Haven't We All.........

~ I have hurts from practically everybody I have ever loved. I am almost positive that I will be hurt again. It's life, I try to forgive, pray I'll forget, & move on. My father was the biggest one for hurting me without knowing. Mom comes in at a close second only because she means so much more to me, so her hurts tend to stay longer & stab deeper..... Shane was pretty bad, my grandparents can be hard as well. Do I deserve it? Not in the least, but it's life & I always love them enough to forgive......... even if the wounds do open on occasion & bleed a bit. They are the ones I love & therefore I forgive them everything..... ~

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1 Response Apr 19, 2009

I hope you allow yourself to experience your anger & hurt before forgiveness. That used to be my undoing. I'd try to skip over my feelings to forgive but I had all this pain buried and needed to go through my anger to truly let it go and feel better. Then I was able to forgive.<br />
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I'm sorry these people have hurt you. I can empathize. It's a shame a family causes so much damage to their child. I hope healing continues to find you and the hurts diminish, relationships balance and your steps feel lighter & lighter. Hugs! Prayers!