I have been hurt so many times. But its my own fault. I always put myself back in the same positions. I always let the wrong people in. What can I say? I have a soft spot for dicks....=P
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U need 2 take ur time and think on ur own about how thibgs are going if u feel something not rite is happenin move on or come straight out with the **** ur with adress ur concern dnt sit bk and let ursekf get walked on

It is odd that those goliath and copper didn't make notice of your pun, so not their normal smart *** witty style.

Maybe you should invest in the store bought variety for a while, so that you can take a break and fix your choosing mechanism. Besides, you don't have to sooth the ego or listen and laugh at the boring stories with the store bought one.

We are drawn to what we know. Often the unknown is more frightening to us than the sorrow we know so well. You'll tire of it eventually. I do not believe we can force deep and lasting change, it happens when the alternative to changing is simply too much to further bear.