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My dad is a jerk and he hits me all the time he verbally is mean and hits me which hurts me. He never gives me a chance. He comes home and starts screaming and when I stand up for my self he hits me. And when I cry he calls me a B**** and a A******. So I give up and wish for death. He hurts me and does not even care.
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I see you wrote this over a year ago. You CAN call the police if he keeps hitting you. I lived in that type of situation, growing up, and there are laws to protect you.

That is so terrible honey, i feel bad for you and I am going to pray God take you out of that envioronment and bless you in another place. My Dad was not there he was a mean drunk but have been sober for 20 years now. But he abused me verbally and mentally and I put him out of my life. I am 33 years old and I will not have that from nobody. My Mother is not stable in her mind. t hurts me that she won't grow up and become a responsible for her life, but I have to live mine we all have only one. God will your friend if you invite jesus into your life. He is allowing you to go through this so when yo break free you will be able to have a story to help others. If you ever want to otalk I amhere my name is 55cabgirl and I have another personal blog, you can always go there it is called chozengirlblog.wordpress.com

Thank you sooo much I know god has his plan and I trust him but I do not want to move out of this invierment because he is the only dad I got and I can not leave my brother and sister all by them selves with him and my mom and I do not want my mom to be sad. And besides I would miss her and god bless you for praying for me.

I see, do you have friends that you can spend time with away from your house? Try to find something to do to stay active and start making your plans now while you are young by the time you make it and turn 18 you can have you a little job and get your own place and take your siblings with you.

That is what I been thinking about.

You will get through it! it may don't seem like it will end, but it and you will be so strong. And I may not be here to witness your triumph later in life but it actually begins now!!!!!!!!!!

Tanks 😂

The man HITS her. You cannot wash it away with religion, I'm sorry. She should call the police. He's abusive and she doesn't have to live in that environment. She is a scared little girl and needs help. PROPER help.

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