He Posted Pics Of Me On The Internet For Money

Yes, there are some things that you do when you are in love. The pics that he posted were for him only. I was playing on his computer last night and i could not believe my eyes. I have never been so hurt. I don't post those kind of pics because i think they are private. I have nothing against others that do, if they do it and know that they are on the internet, I'm just not built that way. Please if you have something hurtful to say save it. This man has put me through hell and I HATE HIM. I had to vent, Thanks for listening.......KIC
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5 Responses May 6, 2012

Always, and thank you.....when I meet him I will know....till then I choose to be alone.

This is true, I no longer trust anymore.

I can understand your hatred Kim, but hate is such a destructive emotion. Hate burns us up from the inside, out, so for your sake, not for his, you must let go of it. Feel sorry for him because he is sick and suffering. Don't let his suffering consume you. You deserve better because you are better! SMW

You are so right, Hate is a strong word.....I was angry at the time of the post. Don't feel sorry for someone that won't help themselves.....enough is enough.

Oh dear! i get what you mean. I'm so sorry! I hope you feel better now though. *hug*

thank you.......

(((hugs))) I am so sorry to hear that. May the karma gods repay that bastard for abusing your love. Better yet, send him to my neck of the woods, we will take care of that callous creep.

Thank you girl it is a hurtful thing but i have learned a valuable lesson trust no one