Oh, The Power Of The *p* ! {quite Lethal}

Hmmmm. So since when have men allowed the power of the *P* to take total control of their being? (When applied correctly) LMBO, the *P* can truly ruin a nation ;~)  Why do men lose themselves and get all caught out there in their feelings, loosing their minds over a "proper shot"? Ladies, it is not just us out here going bananas over him and his good wood..  I mean it's all good.  I know the saying that "all men are dogs" (which I have to disagree on). What I think is going on there is, that men get that one POWERFUL *P* and straight fall all in and in order to try to get that good powerful *P* off their mind... they begin to wonder elsewhere (in some cases). Which will not work because you've been marked! It is okay guys... Don't deny it ENJOY!  So I say that to say men, woman have all the game. Sit back and recognize, watch what's going on in your relationships 9 times out of 10 you are being played. AND LADIES, KUDOS (to the ones who have that "proper shot") !!! Oh. The POWER of the *P*!

~but she really does love you..... 
36-40, F
1 Response May 8, 2012

the power of the P has brought down many men, powerful men senators, representatives, business religion tells we shouldnt have but one. but thats what tempts us to seek out more. when men learn to respect the power of the P then we can enjoy it because women do enjoy giving it