This title should tell you this is about you. I met you under circumstances that are not quite normal. We formed a friendship because that original "meet" would not happen, because you thought you arranged with someone else and then I got a once in a lifetime offer to go to Hawaii. I introduced you to a part of my life EP and thought you might like it. You did and you stuck around. I also introduced you to another major part of my life, and you enjoyed it as well. We talked, we flirted, we still had plans to meet. Things we both wanted to try. But I also met my one, my Master. I still expected to have my friend, but found out you weren't a friend at all. Because you can't fantasize about me anymore, because we can't meet. You won't talk to me.

WOW...this really hurts. Hurts so much I can not form proper sentences, this story sounds disjointed and not all together. Thanks for showing me that Men can be *****.
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I agree with mjs55mjs...better you find this out before investing anymore time, and it can be either gender that can hurt.

I`m so sorry 4 u, that`s why people don`t want to open up !!

Wow, u said what u ment.

OUCH!<br />
BIG HUG for u!<br />
Love<br />

im sorry for you

How are you doing sweety?