How Could You Say This To Me?!

My mother said the cruelest things to me... she said I shouldn't have been born.. that she waited for someone(me) and it wasn't worth it.. that I wasn't worth it. How does anyone respond to that? She used to be my hero but now I hope I am nothing like her. Its not that shes not a good person, cause she is, but she can be cruel and mean to those who hurt her. But does the crime represent the punishment? No, with her it never has she lashes out and doesn't care who she hurts in return.. this time she hurt me. I forgave her but I still remember each word that came out of her mouth. Things I thought would never be said to me by anyone let alone my mother. I don't know her anymore.. she is a different person to me.. I will always love her ... but its not the same.. it will never be the same again..
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1 Response Aug 21, 2012

You poor thing. Hug hug, It's possible that your Mom has a mental illness that needs medication. I'm so sorry that she hurt yo like that. I too came from an abusive household. I have 2 kids whom I adore and they adore me. I would never intentionally hurt them. i even intentionally broke my wrist almost 8 yrs ago, when I spanked my daughter. I only did it not hard at all. She didn't cry and was 5 yrs old. I don't think your Mom meant to hurt you. Please try to save your money and move out. You shouldn't be in a toxic enviornment like that.

Thank you so much and I've already moved out I'm living with my father now