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I'm 22 years old I had my son in August 2012 I'm with the father still... We have been together since November 24, 2008 he proposed November 6, 2011... In the time before we were engaged we had problems he likes **** which I don't but if he wants to watch it fine... But he started going to chat sites and exchanging pictures of his privates and such once I found out he stopped.. Well just recently he started doing it again I found out again confronted him and he said he would stop I told him I want his phone to make sure he has everything gone he let me look and he did get rid of everything... But I just feel like **** always have he doesn't make me feel good about myself he makes me feel like I'm nothing even though he tells me in beautiful and sexy and I mean everything to him... I don't want to leave him because I know he will never be happy with anyone because he will go back to doing the online dating and because of him doing that I have done some bad things myself and he saw that but he makes me feel like **** that I want to go to other guys to make myself feel better... We both come from divorced families and honestly divorce or leaving them seems more like the easy way out now a days but I want this to work out for our son I don't want him in a split family... I just don't know what to do and want help
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I don't think you should go through his phone, or make him stop doing these things that he feels like doing. If you do not like these things then you are not obligated to be around him, which I am sure you know. But I think you should try to be okay with them because controlling someone's actions and expecting them to give attention only to yourself is not loving, it is just selfish. If you can understand that then you should be able to stop feeling bad and stop needing to do it.