Eyes that bleed poison,
From times before,
No ointment can stop,
Oozing comes forth,
Memories lost behind curtains of shame,
Sometimes i wish i could forget everything,
Even my name,

I'm just a shade of possibility,
Lost in eternity,
I don't want to die like this,
I do try,
Yet those people left crying,
Or scarred in their minds,
Are left in my wake,
Can this be a dream?
A nightmare coma,
I can't seem to shake,

Running away,
Is so easy,
Yet so hard,
Giving love,
I forgot how to put,
Beats back in my heart,
Alone so long,
I can't attach,
So overflown,
Frag grenades in my brain most days,
Some days pass in a haze,
I should be living,
Yet i keep hoping the day of my death has arrived,

Help me,
I don't deserve it,
I dug my hole on my own,
Others weakened my resolve to solve,
Help me,
For some reason i cannot grasp,
I just want your hand to clasp,
Close to my chest,
If i get just one more breath,
abracakyle abracakyle
22-25, M
Aug 19, 2014