It Hurts Not to Be Believed

I have tried to explained the hurt i feel inside to my dad he believes that my mom is putting lies and garbage into my head this is not true i'am being trutful with my dad and it really hurts that he does not believe me. He insists on sending me e-mails and messages that he and my step-mom love me this makes me very angry because i don't believe it i don't believe if someone loves you they won't treat you like trash and my dad and step-mom have treated me like trash since i was 7 untill now. Like one time my step-mom was hurting my feelings and i told my mom and she tried to tell my dad he got very angry and upset and accused her of making up lies and putting garbage into my head and he also accused her of trying to break up his marriage. And then i tried talking to him and he still wouldn't listen and then when i went up there they both called me a liar and yelled and screamed at me and i had to apologize to my step-mom for telling the truth and they also made me feel that everything was my fault and that i was never good enough for them They have just caused me a lot of pain, stress, and a lot of grief they had just made my life a living hell.

goneawayforgood goneawayforgood
Mar 12, 2009