You say you were hurt.


Hurt... is when you kiss my sleeping sisters good night but neglect to kiss me, even though I was under the covers waiting anxiously for it, pretending to be asleep.

Hurt... is when you insist on calling my brothers every single week to make sure that they are okay, while I get a call once a month, if I was lucky.

Hurt... is when you refuse to eat the chicken I had prepared specially for you, claiming that you were full, yet eating everything else on the table.

Hurt... is when you let my siblings do all that you refused to let me do.

Hurt... is when I find out that the boy I liked had actually had a girlfriend for the past 7 years yet never mentioned it at all.


Mentioning it when I feel you have eaten to much... scolding you about eating food that I think are bad for you... caring about how much weight you've gained... That is not "hurt".

That is LOVE. But me... I Have Been Hurt.

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5 Responses Jun 1, 2009

So sad feel so sorry for you.

I'm so sorry.


i feel it too ..

I was hurt after reading your story. I was touched