I Trusted You

I let myself be hurt by someone I trusted. Thank god there out of my life now. because I dont know what might of happened if they had stayed. I dont know how I could be so stupid now I live every day to regret it. They made other people more hard to trust.  lots of people have been hurt but I feel for the ones like me that it was done by someone they love because sometimes thats worse than how much damage theyve done its who it was done by.

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2 Responses Mar 7, 2010

you should not regret urself...in life we face many experiences ..we should learn from them and then forget them forever...we all have only one life so enjou its evey moment..God bless you

most of us have been hurt like this, and it hurts all the more because it was someone we loved and trusted. but if we didnt feel for them as we did then they couldnt have hurt us. you shouldnt regret it and think it over and over, it happened. its how you deal with it now that matters. dont live your life in fear.