I Found What I Needed

I have been interested in hypnosis for years. It just seemed like such a wonderfully relaxing idea. I tried several times to be hypnotized, but I just couldn't let go and trust enough to relax. It was always a disappointment. One day, though, I was putzing around with Google and found a fantastic website, called Hypnotic Dreams. The guy sold hypnotic mp3's. I'd never heard of such a thing and thought it might be just what I need. I could listen to the recording whenever and as often as I wanted without having to worry about the "hypnotist" losing patience with me. And, without any contact with the guy who did the recordings, how could he take advantage?  It sounded perfect. So, I bought a recording and gave it a try. And was absolutely amazed and gratified when it worked! I actually went under the very first time I listened. It felt wonderful to just relax and float and put the reins in someone else's hands, so to speak, and be perfectly safe at the same time. Best of both worlds. Now if only I could find someone to hypnotize me in person....

Rhune Rhune
41-45, F
3 Responses May 13, 2010

no it didant come across as an add the story sounds quit true as iv heard and seen in the past.weird talking a load of shite,[ thats a british saying for **** ] lol xx

I use some of those mp3s, they are very effective but its probably better with someone there.

Is that why no one else has commented? Well, that's kind of disappointing. I don't work for the guy, I really was just relating my experience and every word is true. I'm sorry it came across as an ad.

This story looks like an advertisement.