Without Bleeding Or Pain.....

A hypnotized person will obey ridiculous orders, see people who are not there, lose feeling in an arm or leg, the heart beat can be made slower or faster, a rise in body temperature and perspiration can be made to appear, there are records of people under hypnosis oozing drops of blood through the skin, and sharp needles can be thrust through the skin or extremity without causing pain or blood loss.
In order for hypnosis to occur, the hypnotist must have what is normally called "prestige" or "authority."
The more firmly the patient believes in the power of the hypnotist the easier it is to hypnotize that person.
The methods used to produce hypnosis are simple: The patient is asked to fix his eyes on an object and "let his mind become blank." The hypnotist says some soothing words, "speaking in a monotone." It is suggested that the patient will go to sleep, that his eyes are getting tired, that his muscles are relaxing, and that he will soon be fast asleep.

Dr. Franz Anton Mesmer began to use hypnosis to treat and heal certain nervous condition, in the 18th century.
Medical men first denounced it as quackery, but then began using it during surgical operations to prevent bleeding and pain before the discovery of anesthetics.
A deeply hypnotized patient will lie perfectly still during operations without any pain or discomfort even during operations "as severe as body amputations."?

My interpretation of this.....? Hypnosis is a form of meditation, or self induced sleep, were a mantra is repeated over and over while concentrating on a fixed object.
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You can look at hypnosis similar to an operating system of a PC. Sometimes it has problems (such as viruses) and requires a clean up.
Cutting the feeling during operations is similar to shutting off the volume of the PC-loudspeakers until the problem is fixed. Pain is just a mere interpretation by the mind. If the mind decides (self or by a hypnotist) to disconnect it, the person won't feel pain.

I think it is a big more complex than that. . .

Not as complex as you imagine it.

The deep dark answer?<br />
It seems to be the subconscious again.<br />
It needs an "authority figure" to guide it.

I actually attended a hypnosis workshop recently, and the difference between hypnosis and meditation was discussed. Using the analogy of the focus of light: Mediation would be like taking the lampshade off of a light so the light is cast all around; Hypnosis would be more like focusing a beam of light on something. There is obviously crossover, but they are different ways of focusing attention. They both alter the state of the person and involve relaxation.<br />
<br />
There are some really amazing things that can be done under hypnosis like what you mentioned above, DC. But what that makes me think of is how we could use our minds in every day life with the power of our mind.

Well, i won't try it anytime soon. But...a part of me believes that it is possible.

Yes, but the part about "amputation" with no pain or even bleeding is hard to understand.

I agree. Hypnosis to me is like a state of very deep relaxation. I am pretty sure i have experienced hypnotic state while meditating ;)