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I Am Being Transformed Into A Sissy By Hypnosis Feminization

First please allow me to say that it was the furthest thought in my mind to crave being a sissy, wearing silky panties, garters and nylons, frilly bras, lipstick and make up, and shaving my entire body making it silky and smooth and needing to obey MzDominica. It started two years ago when I was flirting with a shemale on a social sex web site. She started out by sending me erotic pictures of her wearing sexy slutty lingerie and nude photos with her nipples pierced and her shecock tied with pink ribbon. I was so excited i got raging hard and she asked me if i would like to listen to a hypnotic recording that she has been listening to to get an idea on how i might be her daddy and mind control her. I agreed and she sent the recording to my email. The recording instructed me to get in a comfortable position and put on ear phones to hear the recording more clearly. I listened for 45 minutes and heard erotic suggestions of obeying and submitting to a hidden desire that i always wanted to look and feel like a woman and to submit to the power of Mistress allowing me to be more feminine and feel like a woman. I could not believe or understand the power of submitting my mind and body to inner erotic feminine sexual desires craving sucking a shemale **** and being ****** in my new ***** hole. My nipples began to get erect and wet thinking of how good it felt suckling mommy's breasts and wondering how it would feel to produce milk. I have had the desire to obey my Mistress....Mommy..... MzDominica that was the beginning of my transformation and feel the need to be controlled and obey my Mistress Mommy...

I thought I was dreaming when I heard a voice inside my head saying " Sissy Gurl Leeann you must obey Dominica, you are my sissy girl and belong to me you are ......iyou know I am your Mistress Momy and you want to please will go to your computer and send me a letter tellin Mistress how you adore, crave and need you Mistress Mommy and all the pent up sexual desires you will confess." I went to the computer and started to type as I did a message was being typed by itself. It instructed me to count to 10 backwards and when I got to1 i would be transofrmed  into a ravishing transexual if obeyed instructions ......To Be Continued

leeannsissy leeannsissy 46-50 15 Responses Mar 2, 2011

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Send me that recording please!

I do not believe a woman could do this to me, but as I am highly submissive to assertive hypnotic ladies my wishes do not appear to matter. The will of thw dominant hypnoteuse is all that matters.

I just yesterday for the first time listened to "Pantyboy Brainwashing" from Goddess Isabella Valentine. Oh my Goddess! It is so amazing to surrender. I feel so good accepted, understood and loved. I already have a large collection of lingerie but this sent me over the top. It is just what the doctor ordered and my secret self has always wanted.
I Love panties and now I have a teacher to guide me further. Good luck and a happy silky, satiny, frilly, feminine day to everyone.


could you send me a link for that or email the mp3 to im totally addicted to hypno sissy videos turned me totaly craving it the *** oh god. need to be the best sluttiest bimbo ********** mmmm.

What was the name of the tape

Good, enjoy. You must believe and let go then wonderful things will happen.

People have no idea how good it feels to transform into a girl, exploring my boy p***y more and more , trying to enlarge my breasts and training my sissy cl*t using only 1 finger. I was completely straight never even liked bdsm but I found ms domin* to get me so excited. Queen Dominica along with other hypnosis videos has let out the c*** hungry Jessica in under a week now I'm hooked forever can't wait to service a real one now ;) <3

How many times did you listen to the mp3 before it started transforming you?

If you still have it, send me a link. Thx

I liked it. Hope it continues ASAP!

I liked it. Hope it continues ASAP!

There is also a lot of excellent feminization hypnosis on various blogs, I really enjoy

Never really likes Mz Dominica myself. Isabella valentine and studio jezebel are much better. Oh, and you can't go past **** sucking sissy my mistress lycia :-)

Wow this is weird, since it started two years ago there must be much more to tell - I am looking forward to the next episode. Do you still get erections?