At The Eagle Ceremony

If you saw the question I posted, then you know the story. I was at an Eagle Ceremony, and was shaking everyone's hands (as everyone else was doing). Well, I remember shaking the hand of a man in a suit (I think he was a board member) but I don't remember what happened since there. I woke up hours later, with some other people, all of us kind of dazed and confused (sorry for the Led Zeppelin pun). I have had expireince with hypnotism before, and think this was the Handshake Induction. Anyone know what else could have caused it, also how do you do the handshake induction? It seemed like he did it instantly, but how is that possible? Please comment, thank you in advance.
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1 Response Dec 1, 2012

I know the hand drop induction is instantaneous.
The handshake induction is normally slower.
Both involve the subject concentrating on two different areas simultaneously. You then suddenly remove one of the stimuli. In that split second instant you have the opportunity to induce.