This Is Weird

So, I was reading this book, just sisters Grimm, and my friend Kaylee knocked on the door. I answerd it but it wasn't kaylee. It was the so called hypnotist from down the street. What do YOU want?! Can I come in? He asked. No! Leave! He pushed passed me and sat me on the couch. He said in cool voice, "let me hypnotize you." no way! I said let me hypnotize you or I'll tell everybody I can find that you still sleep with a blankie. THIS IS BLACKMAIL!!!I screamed. Just let me! No. Too bad! He forced my arms down them thought better of it and draggede Ito his home. Alright he said. Watch my eyes and listen I my voice. I avoided his eyes but he forced my eyes to open and look into his. Now he said in a hypnotizing voice. Do anything
I say. My eyes were closed and I was mezmerized. Take off you shirt. I did. Take off your bra and clothes. I did. He took me up into his room with me hanging Over his shoulder. He raped me. I am still under his spell and I commanded to type this and forget it. Please leave a comment.
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This is me. Emily! I'm not hypnotized anymOre and I read this. Can someone introduce me to hypnotizing? I need to teach him a lesson. And bad