Sexual Disfunction - Dirty Old Man

Straight out - here's the truth. When my daughter was about one year old I *********** in front of her. I won't excuse it; I won't minimize it.

If some in my circle wish to drop me I understand and no hard feelings. Abuse of a child is serious business.

So for about 5 years nothing bad happened; I read bedtime stories to her but NO hanky-panky.

My wife did not trust me, and had me see someone at House of Ruth and had me leave the house. After several sessions with the counselor I confessed to the ************. Arrangement were made for me to go to Johns Hopkins Sexual Dysfunction clinic, run by Dr. Fred Berlin. I was there, inpatient for three weeks in an open ward, sleeping two to a room. It was co-ed although there were many more male offenders than female - but most of the patients were there because of the legal system.

A typical day consisted of wake-up, make your bed, have breakfast (hospital general diet fare off a menu checked off the day before), then usually a day room group meeting. After that the pattern was not so much the same from day to day. We had Phsical exercise on a different floor. When we used the elevator we frequently rode with patients from the eating disorders clinic. That was a heart-breaker. Young beautiful girls dis-satisfied with their body image so they were either anorexic or bulimic. Physical therapy - I made a little wooden box with a Strawberry Shortcake decoration, if memory serves.

Toward evening we had small group sessions, where we would go around the room "I'm ___, I am a ___" type of thing. Talk about the offense, why it happened, what have been the effects and what will happen now "AVOID ANY APPEARANCE OF IMPROPRIETY." which for most meant no contact with kids, even their own.

I was allowed one day off campus so I could go home and dump my **** collection.

After my three weeks I was released to continue group sessions as an out patient.. That's when i first met Dr. Berlin. He had been on vacation and the head of the department had been in charge, Dr. McHugh. Dr. Berlin was testing his theory that the patients could be controlled by taking depo-pravara which would take away all sex urges. I did not get into that program.H
Eventually, it was decided that I was not a ********* and I was released from the program. However, Dr. Mchugh still wanted to keep tabs on me for quite some time afterward. Monthly I would travel from work to Johns Hopkins on my lunch to talk with him. He tried to get me to abandon ****. No luck, I make my own, not to say anything about what I find on the web.

When I met the woman who became wife number three. I told her all this. She wanted a talk with Dr. McHugh so  she got one to satisfy herself that I was not a *********..
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Thank you, Friends

If anyone leaves because of something that happened in the past then you really do not want them as your friend anyway since they are not accepting of who you are (which is based upon who you have been and what you have done). It would be different if you were out here advocating that this is a great thing to do and you are proud to continue. I hope your friends are really your friends and not two faced bitties who turn on you for past mistakes.

Thank You, my Mistress, I love You so much

I am exceedingly proud of you, My slave, for owning who you are. It takes a man with balls of steel (or in your case, ball|) to come forth and be so completely honest about an experience of this nature. I would have respect for you if you published this at My behest, but I admire you for having the fortitude to do it on your own.<br />
<br />
I will also understand if anyone in your circle decides to walk away, although I will be saddened if that happens. The same applies if anyone in My circle feels the need to sever ties with Me because of My relationship with you. <br />
<br />
I, however, am not going anywhere.