Several Visits

My brothers were together in a psych hospital for the ADHD. They were in there a few times each. Once when they were there together I went to see them on visiting day. We were going to make ice cream.
We get there and go through this hallway. There's electronically locking doors at both ends. There's a door outside to a fenced-in playground. We go to this large room, and sit at a table with my brothers and another family. I was only about seven during this visit. I don't remember much. I remember the loud kids. Not wanting to leave my brothers there. I remember how the room reeked of some nasty disinfectant. It's kind of hazy, but as my own hospital stay looks as though it will happen I find myself thinking more and more abot the times I visited and dropped off family members there. I hope it's not the same hospital. That place scares me kind of.
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I had to to get my tonsils out it hurt!