Mayhem Fest 2011

Probably one of the most memorable experiences of my entire life.
I went to Mayhem Fest in San Bernido CA. So naturally it was hot, mid summer. I was 5'4 of every mans dream. Small, huge ****, long curled hair..
I was one of the girls walking around in nearly nothing. He was constantly by my side showing off his prize and I was quite happy as well. He argued with me about my longing to mosh but in the end I won. My first challenge...
Lamb of God: Wall of death. This girl on the front line along side my best friend Alex. Then it just happened sprinting toward it waiting for the clash, then all of a sudden just hard, unrelenting flesh. Arms being flung about, legs to the stomach, punches to the jaw. You name it I got hit with it. And I gave it right back unrelenting. It's such a primal feeling to be in a fight with 6,000 other people at once. Covered in some guys blood you just busted in the face. Dirt flying, sweat dripping off of everyone. Clothes being torn off. It was the most thrilling place ever like being at the epicenter of a massive blood thirsty beast.
After that all the other pits were substantial but still nice. My favorite was probably the pit around the Soundboard for Hatebreed.. sooo much energy there it was electric. Haha I remember accidentally creaming Alex and he yells out and looks at me and we bust out laughing then he shoved me into some huge bloke and I ran haha(: such great times. I recommend it.
Well if you can handle it that is. If you're willing to go home with cuts and brusies for weeks .
Happy moshing people.
kshix kshix
18-21, F
Jan 9, 2013