Totally Worth It.

I graduated top of my class May of 2012 and as a congrats/grad present my cousin bought me a pit pass for Cincy's Trespass America Tour. The only mosh pit I didn't help start was the (unnecessary) pit for Pop Evil. Finally 5FDP came on stage and I was pumped. I was pretty tired by the time they started up the last song but there was no way in hell I was going to miss the last pit. There was only a few of us were in this pit but we made it count. Apparently half way through the concert some jack ***** started throwing crowd surfers backwards or just dropping them. Well luck has it some unlucky surfer was thrown backwards into the pit... and my jaw connected directly with his shoulder as he was coming down. I stumbled backwards, seeing nothing but black sports. Someone at the edge of the pit managed to catch me before i hit the ground. I blacked out (not sure how long) and when I came to my jaw was sore and aching. I touched it and noticed it was defiantly dislocated. I pushed it up and back hard (bad idea I do not ever suggest doing this yourself, it hurt worse than any of the times I had broken bones. Have someone who knows what they're doing put it back in place). I heard a pop and then excruciating pain. But to be honest if i could go back in time I would do it all over again. The show 5FDP put on was phenomenal and it was worth every bit of pain to see them. If you have seen them perform then you will understand. If you haven't you probably think i'm a nut... Which probably isn't to far from the truth.
TheHatterIsBack TheHatterIsBack
18-21, M
Feb 10, 2013