My crush on Sebastian Bach

Friday September 15, 2006

Sebastian Bach at The (now destroyed by fire) Palace, Melbourne Australia.

I was fine and dandy, got there early. I was the first one inside, in fact, an hour before doors officially opened. When doors were open, I was front and centre, right against the barrier. Enter three chubby inconsiderate woman and their henpecked men. They waltz in, push me and then stand on the lip of the barrier. I despise people like that. On top of it all, they had after show passes. I saw the top of Baz's head for about 15seconds before the crowd charged and my friend got scared, took my wheelchair's joystick and crushed about 50 sets of feet to "save me". I didn't want to be moved, I still had *** to kick! This was 2 bars into the first song. :(

2008 was much better! I sat to the side of the crowd barrier and saw everything. I got to meet him after as well, awesome, kind guy!

TheRealWoman TheRealWoman
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Sep 19, 2008