A Moment Of Sheer Genius/stupidity

You have to love the stigma associated with mental illness. It makes you never want to admit to yourself or another that you do indeed have a problem. For the longest time I hid My ADD. Everyone just thought I was a little goofy and took pills for my migraines. The high school I attended would have put me in remedial classes had they found out. And being an honors student I decided it was best to keep my mouth shut. So years of denying my conditions existence built up till i came to college where I convinced myself i had been misdiagnosed and proceeded to stop taking my medication. (Concerta, a form of Ritalin). MAJOR DUMB MOVE
I can;t quite remember what happened. But somewhere in that September I snapped and ended up in the Psych Ward of the local hospital for about 4 days.... it think. cant remember. all i can remember is the feeling of insanity tearing at my brain like a deamon beast from another dimension. not fun. Not fun at all. 
BlackJackBartender BlackJackBartender
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1 Response May 7, 2012

Insanity tearing at your brain like a demon beast from another dimension. I can relate!