Almost Miss It, Almost...

As Kurt Cobain said in a song about Frances Farmer “I miss the comfort of being insane”….I really do in a way miss the comfort of the insane asylum/crazy place/mental health facility. The nurses and PCA’s were all so calm and polite and laughed at my jokes even when they weren’t that funny. Sure don’t get that in the “real world”. Hah..real world…nothing real about it, actually it seems as if much of it is phony; a lie, a scheme, a front. So many facades and so much untruth that it’s a wonder that all of don’t run screaming for the psych ward for a dose of reality. I sure know that this past week I feel a little tempted to turn myself in again. I could use the vacation….but like all vacations its quite expensive and I have so much to do. That and I feel relatively safe in my own hands.
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2 Responses May 10, 2012

I miss it sometimes too... It's kind of love hate. I have been hospitalized 6 times for bulimia. The last time was 2010 I think. Now I have managed to become addicted to blow and am looking at my treatment options. ****** up but I really want to go inpatient just so I can't be so mean to myself.

Im glad im not the only one who actually misses it...that in itself sometimes makes me feel crazy