I've Been Twice...

Once when I was 16. Had to go for cutting. Then again three or four months later. Suicide attempt. The doctor at the emergercy room didn't commit me, he was going to let my go home. But my councelor convinced my parents to take me to a psych ward, and the doc there committed me. Ugh. Stupid doctors!!!

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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

It is sometimes whats needed,to be commited,to get the help u need,to find thr reason u dont want to live.I hope u want to live now,hope u are better and hope u never have to go back

I just came off one, a bad one. It's been years since I've been and I glad to be out. Sometimes adjusting your meds is necessary sharing experiences with ohers with similar thoughts, just "try" to make sure it's a good productive one. Not that you plan it but if you can, it can rejuvenate

The first time I was there for a week. The second time I was there for about two.

How long were you there for. I wish I could say I've been- that's pretty horrible considering once you're in there you probably can only think about leaving.