So, I have not long come out of a private hospital here in the UK as an NHS patient (state funded to you American folks) and it's gone fairly well overall.

I went in in a state of psychosis, but not to the point of completely blacking out this time really. Some parts are fuzzy where I was rubbed the wrong way by some people and blew off the handle, but hey, it happens.

The place was more like half hotel/half prison with beautiful grounds in the Bristol area of England, called the Priory for anyone wanting to luck it up. It's in a place where there used to be an old Christian Priory and generally the place gave off a great vibe.

I went in on the acute ward for patients, which was mixed, but I learned later that it would have been better to place me on the ward I ended up on, which was a long stay ward, with older patients' with quieter surroundings. However, there was also someone in a fairly extreme state going through it up there at the time who ended up smashing some windows up there. Turns out it might have been best to have had us switch places instead.

The place catered for those of alsorts of problems, including things like drug addiction, eating disorders and male and female only segregated areas for the elderly, similar to what I ended up on.

The staff were overall excellent, however some took offence to me being in Psychosis, not really wanting to be around me afterwards. Must have done/said something they couldn't accept. Patient's were mostly great as always. So many people looking to find their way and helping one another. Others quickly coming and going still trying to find what they need.

This will be my 7th hospital I've been in now, and it's getting to the point of doing like a review of each one heh....a guide to them.

I'm happy to answer questions if anyone has any.
SolitaryFriend SolitaryFriend
36-40, M
Aug 16, 2014