In Self-recovery

I am nearly 26 years old. I am a high-functioning autistic and had an emotionally abusive mother. I was also in a 6.5 year long abusive relationship. I was married for a year and half of that time; she was emotionally, physically, and verbally abusive during much of that time.

My ex-wife had an affair for an unknown period of time towards the end of our relationship. I was sick and in a lot of pain. More on that later, I'm sure. She told me about the affair only after it became abundantly obvious that she had contracted an STD. I did not.

I left my wife last April; our divorce was finalized last November. During this time, I have spent a lot of time in denial, fear, realization, recognition, and change. I put away my memories of my life during that time. I am now attempting to recover those memories by talking and typing.
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I want to congratulate you: the act of writing that you had "spent a lot of time in denial, fear, realization, recognition, and change," began the process of breaking away from the incredible power of these negative emotions/coping methods. It isn't an easy or short process, but you certainly have chosen a powerful medium in writing and have come to the right place.Many people here, myself included, share many aspects of your experiences. If I may, I suggest you peruse the experience groups and perhaps the first ones to look for are those that match you abuse background. I do not mean to infer that these experiences alone define who you are, however, like so many here, you are on a mission. Carry-on my friend! Please feel free to call on me if I can assist you in our shared journey. All the best to a fellow traveler! Welcome to EP!