Bleach I Hate It!!!

Yes people with BPD pick these painful kinds of relationships in our lives over and over. We think if we focus on the other persons problem and try to fix them,suddenly ours aren't that bad. But that way of thinking and those actions will go nowhere. I really thought I could fix my ex and I thought he loved me . I was in his cage for so long. I really was trapped . One night I was so sad and lost in emotion I started to cut my leg up with a razor. He caught me in the bathroom and said he would help me. He left and came back with a small towel in his hand. He put it on my wounds and then I could smell it and my leg was burning with pain. I didn't know he poured bleach on that towel. It was one of the worst days of my life. Please don't let this or anything like it happen to you! Be strong and get away while you still can!
Lostpainter Lostpainter
26-30, F
Aug 9, 2010