Take a Look At My Girlfriend...

I was 15, she was 17. You don't hear about abuse in gay relationships much, but there you are.

I had never been with a girl before, and I was so in love and so sure I could never feel the same way again with anyone else.

I stayed two years. I will never be the same person. I don't know if I will ever be a whole person again.

ParselyTree ParselyTree
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The fact that the domestic abuse among gay couples is not a topic we hear much, does not mean it does not happen, and all my studies and personal experiences have demonstrate other wise.

I am glad that you are not with that person anymore...time will help you healed.

Society still (for the most part) considers gays, lesbians and bi's to be aberrant, and as such give little attention to our difficulties. They look at us and say "Well, look how they LIVE! They deserve what they get!" The world is improving for those of us that are not in the mainstream, but we still have a VERY long way to go!

You might not hear so much about abuse in the gay community because abuse is often hidden no matter what community it occurs in, people like to save face, they are ashamed, they keep it to themselves.

Same sex couples abuse is real and happens every day it has just been ignored for so long in society. Domestic violence is Domestic violence no matter if it is a heterosexual or homosexual relationship . I work as a Domestic violence court advocate where I live and my suggestion to you is to get counseling to help you get through the trauma you have been through so you can start the healing process. Also remember it is NOT YOUR FAULT . I also suggest that you contact the Domestic violence programs that may be offered in your area for support and information . They may have support groups for DV victims/ survivors like yourself. Take care and be safe

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