Welcome 2 My Nightmare

 Wow where do I even  start. I'm married to a sociopath who also has sever bipolar. I have to kids with him, one who has autism and the other who is speech delayed. I know this cant go on forever but I dont want the courts to give my husband any custody of my kids. My husband doesnt want me or the kids however, he wants to torment me for the rest of my life. I deserve so much better. I'm such a sweet lady who loves to love.
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3 Responses Jul 25, 2011

I say kill the basterd. Or you could do what Jennifer Lopez did on the movie Enough.<br />
I recommend you watch that movie.

You need to geet out . Your experience is as bad as mine was. If he does not want the children, you are ok. He will probably torment you for a long time. I was married for ten years. I left him , he stole my boys and moved to another state to torture me. I got one back. He put me through hell for the next 6 years. It will never be easy for you if you stay close to him My suggestion to you is move far away to another state, and do not have contact with him, because he will torture and make you miserable if you do. You have to make him believe that you are in control. Just sneak out one day, and move far away or you will never be happy. Take my word on it. I still cry alot for the hell he put me through. Thank god my klids and i are close today! i wish you well . Contact me if you want to talk!

Be strong and do what is best for you and your children, you're right you do not need to live this way.<br />
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I wish you the best of luck, and i hope you find happiness away from this man.