You Can Move On And Be Happy

I have been in two physically abusive relationships. I am not going to get into details about what was done to me and what I had to go through to leave, but rather post this as something to let people know who are going through the same thing (or have gone through it) and want someone who understands them to talk to that I am here. You can ask me any questions, share your story & I will be more than happy to be a shoulder to lean on. It is something that no one can understand unless it has happened to them & I wish when it happened to me I had someone who understood to talk to. You can move on and be happy. I am living proof.
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2 Responses May 15, 2012

Yes, we can move on and be happier and just a little stronger.

Thank God you woke up early. Life is too short to be wasting on being unhappy and abused. I had just gotten out of an abusive marriage and went right on into another abusive relationship. The man I had trusted and believed cared for me I found out after letting him move in with me that he was physically and emotionally abusive. I let him move into my house because I was vulnerable from a divorce, had just lost my job, just found that I had a chronic, life threatening illness, was left with a pile of debt by my ex and my house was going into foreclosure and was generally at the lowest point ever of my life. He certainly took advantage of this. He gave me money to support me, but it almost cost me my life. I put up with the beatings, the cheating, him being drunk and coming home and abusing me because I was under the illusion that I actually needed this jerk. Well, I finally woke up and I got him and his friend who was renting a room in my house and who sit back and watched him while he was beating the brakes off of me. I start a new job and a new life and time will heal. But it still hurts to have my trust and my love violated that way.