Im in an abusive relationship. And idk how to leave i just take it n don't no how to say enough is enough n leave im pregnant with his kid which is his 2nd child n he has hit n choked me while pregnant we have apt together n car together sometimes i think that's why i dont leave but is it worth it what do i do
stephbabi090 stephbabi090
1 Response May 24, 2012

hun iv been in the slimier spot that you have...wait till you get away from him and text him and tell him have to get out. no woman deserves that. and for the sake of your baby..if anything contact the police...but when i was wit my ex..i got prago and i had a miscarage...then he became abusive...he tried to slit my wrist with a knife...hes through stuff at me..and i got far anof away from him and i sent him a text sayin its done...and now im hun u have to be strong and do wats right for u and ur child