I Want Out But I Cant

when i was about 14 1/2 i met this sweet guy named aiden he was a sophemore he and i were friends then he asked me out and of course i said yes cause i did have a secret crush on him after maybe 1 or 2 weeks in the relationship he became kinda controling he would get jealous if i talked to other guys at first i thought that was cute and that he cared but then he said i was not allowed to talk to any of my guy friends and i was like ok i just thought he just messing with me and my friend joe called he was in my room we were watching movies together he looked at the caller id and saw the name and pic and got really pissed and he said "i thought i told not to talk to any of those and guy and i bet your cheating on me with him you stupid c**nt" i was really hurt by his words and i said "im not cheating on you with joe he's just a friend and who are you to tell me who i can and cant talk to" after i said that he got mad slapped me i was shocked he actually did that tears started to run down my face and he told me that i was cheating on him and i needed to be taught a lesson that night he raped me and the abuse continued for a year and then he blackmailed me into moving in with him and let me tell you that was the worst thing to ever happen to me he would beat me all the time even if i did what he told to the right way and whenever he wanted to have sex i would have to fufill his wish at least thats what he told me if i didnt he would beat me till i couldnt move then rape me. i was never a person to like school but school seemed to be the only safe place for me and sometimes i would go out with my friends and when i came back he would yell at me saying why the f*** am i so late and called me a bunch of names i remember this one time i was really mad at him and i went out with a guy to this nice little diner and aiden showed up telling me it was time to go home and i could see that he was fuming and was really trying not to b***h slap me in front of all the people and i told him he wasn't the boss of and im not a baby and he can go home cause im staying he left with his eye twitching i knew what would happen when the guy drove me home i tried to be really quiet when opening the door and there was aiden at the first step of the stairs with a knife in his hand i was so scared i couldnt move i want to run but couldnt he stood in front of me slamed the door shut behind me and slapped me and i fell to the ground and he started kicking me and i all i did was cry and i wouldnt remove my gaze from the knife in his hand then he was done kicking me he stabbed me in the leg dragged me by the hair threw me down the basement stairs and everything went black after that he finally let me out for what felt like 1 week and dont worry he was giving me food but it was dog food i ate because i was way to hungary all the verbal abuse physical abuse and sexual abuse continued for 2 more years and he wont let me leave the house without him he put a tracking device in my phone and he has a bracelet he made wear which i cant take off makes him know my every move he kept me away from family and friends it's like im his slave who cooks clean and pleasure him and im still in the relationship with him right now as i write this everything in the house is locked i cant get out and i think i might pregnant but im afraid to tell him
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Would you be able to call the police while he is not home and have one of the officers come and escort you out of this home? Once you are out you can change your phone number and email so he can not contact you that way and I might be best to live with family or friends at first so you don't have to be scared and alone.

I can't call the cops bcuz he broke my phone from the last attempt to call the cops

stupid! just stay and get a free ticket to the morgue

i was in a similar situation and i admit that it was very hard for me to leave. we cannot kid ourselves that its easy for anyone to leave an abusive relationship, one has to be strong and ready to face the tough times that come with deciding to leave. no one will ever save us from abusive rships and its upto to us.

am sorry for sounding insensitive.

Its alright I'm trying everything I can 2 leave him

the best thing to happen to you is going to the police and or the hospital. There are also housing for abused woman like safe houses. You need to make a life to get you out of the house to safety. I was in an abusive relationship and ended up in the hospital. Being in the hospital for 5 days was the best thing to happen to me. I stayed with my parents after that and my father made sure he stayed away. He protected me like a father should and i seen therapists after that along with going to a domestic violence grouped helped too. You need to tell family and police and any health care professional that can get you help. There is no excuse for abuse. Its so hard to get out of an abuse relationship but once you are in safety KEEP YOUR PHONE OFF. keep any information about you secrete and do not have any contact with aiden. If aiden stocks you go to the police and report him. Having the police talk to him will make him realise your serious and they too will keep an eye on him like they did in my situation. Its a huge step and no matter what you do. GET OUT AND STAY OUT. you will get feelings of missing him because you are some what addicted to the abuse but write in a journal, anything that will remind you how aweful he is that will convince you that you deserve way better !

thx for the advice

aw to bad for you hahahaha i think it's so funny when girls are in abusive relationships always crying about it jeez louise grow some balls go to an abortion clinic

im not getting an abortion no matter how much he hits me and abusive relationships is a serious thing its no laughing matter

Funkyprincess, you clearly haven't been in an abuse relationship. you have no idea what it feels like to be treated like ****. You are on the wrong site to be judging people. We are all here for help and advice not critisism. !!!!!

well the girls in abusive relationships need to grow some balls and kick the guy in the groin take his money and leave

If he raises his hand to slap her she need to kick him right down there and leave geez its not that hard

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Also you have access to the internet, ask for help send emails to your friends, facebook messages, whatever you can, but do something!!

he blocked a couple of sites so i cant contact a friend or family

And don't say anything about the baby. For your safety and for your baby's too!

i wasn't gonna tell him at all

im gonna try to go to the hospital without him knowing

hi. Get out of that house when he s not around, you have to try with all your might to find a way. Unfortunately, i am on the other side of the world, so I can't help you, but I and all the abused women that have experienced this, are with you now. Get out from the window

he has ADT and if i break a window or something the alarm will go off

<p>please comment i need a way to leave him fast i dont know what i'll do if i really am pregnant</P>

Give state and address if someone can on this sight they'll cakk tbe cops