It'll Be A Year In April.

i met this guy at church one summer. he was cute so i went up and started talking to him. i was very outgoing and not shy at all. we exchanged numbers and texted non-stop. he was really sweet and funny and we had alot in common. not long after we started dating. it was fine at first. but after a while he started getting really jealous of my best guy friend. he told me he wanted me to stop hanging out with him. i said that was fine. i didnt really intend to. i continued to hangout with him anyway. after all he lived in another town. how would he ever find out?? well one day i came home and my sister was here visiting and told me he called the house looking for me and sounded really upset. i called him back and he started yelling at me. saying how he knows i was with my friend and if i ever lied to him again i'd regret it. i got mad and hung up on him. after a while he called back and apologized. said how he knows he over reacted but he was just worried someone was gonna steal me away from him. a few weeks went by and it was forgotten about. one day i was hanging out with my friends and didnt answer him when he texted me. so he started blowing up my phone. leaving me mean voice messages. i remember in one of them he said "if you dont call me back right now ill find a way to the park and deal with this in person" i was shocked. i couldnt understand how he knew where i was. later i went home and finally called him back. i asked how he knew i was at the park and he said "because i have spies watching you" i asked how or who and he said "im not telling. then you wont hangout with them and ill have no way of knowing if you're 'behaving' yourself" as time went on he just kept becoming more controlling. i couldnt hangout with my friends and talk to them about it because i didnt know who his "spies" were. it got to the point where i just didnt talk to anyone. at all. for over a month i hardly said a single word to anyone but him. i had to constantly text him so he knew what i was doing. i started to go back to normal and hung out with my friends again. things were fine. he was back to being sweet and nice. it was back to normal. until one day my guy friend asked if i wanted to hangout. none of my other friends would be there and i knew my guy friend wasnt his spy so i figured it would be fine. but he called me while i was over there and i knew better by then than to not answer his calls. i answered it and he heard my friend in the background. he said we'd talk about it later and when i got home he flipped out on me over the phone. saying how if i lied to him again he'd hit me so hard i wouldnt be able to see straight. it scared me that he would really threaten me like that. i stopped hanging out with my friend again. after that, everytime i did or said something that made him mad he'd threaten to him me or hurt whoever i was hanging out with that he didnt like. another month went by and things started to settle down again. me and some friends went to his town and met up with him. we all drove around and had a great time. we went to a park. we were all joking and i made a joke he didnt think was funny. he wouldnt talk to me for a while. while i had my back turned someone kicked me in the butt (just playing around) and i thought it was him. i started running after him and we were just chasing eachother laughing. but then he stopped and turned around. it took me a second to understand what he was doing. i stopped infront of him just as he swung his hand at my face. guess he was still upset about the joke.. -_-... it hurt but i just stood there. staring at him smiling at me. my eyes were watering when i looked back at my friends. only one of them saw it happen. i didnt wanna start drama so i smiled at her and assured her we were just playing around. she didnt let it go but she didnt say anything to anyone that day. but the next day my friends all came over and talked to me about it. after a long day i finally called him and said it was over. he screamed at me about how he was gonna hunt me down and (do things i dont wanna say on here). i got scared. so i took it back. we continued dating for 2 months after that. By April i was more depressed than ever. i couldnt take it anymore. so i went to my best guy friend and told him everything that had happened and everything my bf had said. he asked for my phone. i knew what he was going to do. he had me stay inside while he went outside and called him. he came back, handed me my phone, and said "all taken care of. if he calls back or tries to text you just ignore him. but save the texts and ill deal with him" he tried calling a few times but i didnt answer. i didnt hear from him after that. :) i'm thankful for my friend's help and i will NEVER let a guy lay a hand on me like that again. no guy should Ever hit a woman.
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That was a messed up what he did he seems pretty messed up.... But you cheated on him ?

No. I didn't.

You walked away from a dangerous and toxic relationship that says it all really.