Abusive Husband

It's taken me 15 years to tell my story I had been in an 11 year abusive marriage I had 3 young boys the violence started straight away before I met him I was a happy confidant young woman as the years went on it got worse I wasn't allowed to have friends family etc was physically and mentally abused I wouldn't seek help as I thought it was my fault and I didn't want to feel a failure to cut a long story short it ended in tragic circumstances after another attack on myself I ended up grabbing a knife and stabbed him in the chest upon these actions my husband died and I was charged with his murder 18 months later the trial came along and for the grace of god I was aquitted of all charges and went on my road to live a peaceful life and rebuild my children's lives my point in this story is please get help do not stay in a relationship like that there is help out there I wouldn't want anyone go through what my family and I went through you can live your life again you are worth it
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yes strongerwiser, I am. I go on this website because it comforts me. And I can talk to people about my struggle. I have no one. Im all alone. There is someone hear that has claimed he loved or cared about me but his actions tell hes lying.

Oh and Jakl, thank you for sharing your story. In my opinion, he killed you long before you physically killed him. Abusers take everything from you. And when I say everything I mean Everything, even your identity.

Im in an abusive relationship right now and I called the cops on him. Even though he is on probation, they did nothing because he didnt lay hands on me that day. ( He did, but not enough to leave evidence). The office said he couldnt do anything because point blank, " Its not a crime to be a ****. This man has caused me so much emotional and psychological pain that Im not even the same person. Ive tried to escape my pain by using drugs. I told the cop that hes choked me, put a knife to my throat, kicked me to get me to clean messes up, used my possessions as blackmail, locked me out of the house, threatened my life, threatened to burn all of my posessions, took the air out of my tires, critisized me constantly in front of our son, called me every name in the book, financially blackmailed me, (now im officially cut off cuz I called the cops). Hes kicked our sons toys around in anger, took his anger and frustration out on our son and put fear in his little face, need I say more?? And Im still the crazy one. This man is so curel, hes like satan to me in disguise. I wouldnt even care if he had a heart attack right now, I wouldnt help him. Thats how much I hate him. I know I can easily run to his probation officer, but a part of me is afraid because I dont want our son taken away by CPS. ( He has an open CPS case right now with his grandaughter and I dont want my son affected). If someone can please tell me what to do and give me advice. I would appreciate it.

Vous ĂȘtes une sainte d'avoir supportĂ© votre ex pendant tout ce temps

wow...intense...you show great strength for being able to talk about it now!

The reason I've spoken out as I want to help and advise people in abusive relationships you have to get out no matter how much you think you rely on them or love them and not end up in a situation like I did or even worse killed by their a users xx