Enough Is Enough! !!!!

I come from a family filled with strong femals. Growing up I was always told never let a man put his hands on you and if one ever does lord have mercy for my family wouldn't. We were close knit. Until I hit fourteen that's when I lost contact with reality.
I met what was supposed to be my prince charming when I was just fourteen. He smitten me attractive,sweet and what I thought to be kind, until I got to know the real him. That's when the abuse started. A slap became a fist as fast as I could remember. He apologized every time making me feel sorry and promising he would never do it again. Boy are promises forever broken. By the time I was fifteen I had already knew how to conceal a black eye, how to stop a bloody nose and how to make a lump or bruise go away, all of this being done before I got home. Not only was I abused physically I was also abused mentally. He manipulated me to cut ties with all my friends and family,making it so all I had was himChecking my phone constantly, watching me, and showing up randomly to make sure I was were I said. He verbally abused me by calling my hundred and tweleve pounds fat every day having me develop an eating disorder. My method of choice was to bendge and purge. Along with that he cut me down to nothing,telling me I was nobody I'd never be anybody and noone would ever want me. He claimed I was lucky to even have him around.
My eyes finally opened two an a half years later,it was the worst day of my life and I will forever be scared. He was upset because my mom wouldn't let me spend the night before so when I came over the next day he was furious. I had never seen someone so mad. We went to his room and as soon as the door locked it was on. He beat me until I lost conceious. When I say beat I mean punching me in the head repeatedly. Till this day I don't know how long I was out and somethings I don't remember. After I kept throwing up he took me home and told my mom a lie that I fell and hit my head. I couldn't think straight to say the truth. Six hours go by and I can't speak my words become slurred and I can't fill my right arm. My mom took me to the hospital were I was diagnosed with a severe concussion and a pinched nerve. Because of this I have developed a speech impediment . This was my eye opener after that I lost all contact with him changed my number and refuse to let this happen again. Two years later and I'm in control of my life better than ever I have found the prince I was waiting for and have since been in a relationship for two years there is hope out there things will get better and I am living proof of this. I have made something of myself going to college full time to become a life coach and work full time as a teachers assistant I have proven him wrong and in the end I have succeeded. I am somebody and will forever be greatful for the second chance at life I have received. Hope is every where you have to be able to decide for your self when enough is enough
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That is very brave and you need to be proud of it and i can't belive so young people going through of that kind ofcruel things and i want avoid my daughter from that things and i hope she never feel this way what you felt and what you saw and what you was going through and what me was going through for 1,5 year but i had 27 years and you can read or give someone to read that story " Our Story- Our Abuse - My Mstake- Try To Live- Want Have A Breath And New Start!!!". As well to show how it's cruel things but in my case i don't get beaten yet but i won't let that happen!! So young and so strong!!! I am proud of you !!! I would try to help and get some life coach or psychologist qualification to get control that till the end of life as it will be hard to do it for me i know that so far i let him doing worse and worse stuff every several time!! God bless you and good luck with future:)

Thank you so much its hard to leave but once your gone you get stronger each day. Its sad to admit this is mylife story but it taught me so so much although I wish it never happened but because of it I'm stronger. I commend you for what you've been through I admire your opinion thanks again I really appreciate it.