Bird Up My Nose

About an hour ago, my wife was upset that I was telling her that I was divorcing her because I am frustrated how I am perceived as a "harmer" in this home instead of a "healer". She started telling me that I was a hypocrite and that I expected others to forgive everything. I said, "Yes, especially with your spouse." She went on, and so I got up and left the bedroom and went into the living room and sat by the fire. My daughter was asleep on the couch. After a bit, my wife came up and got right in my face and loudly whispered several things.

I then told her that I did not want to be married to her now... nor in the life hereafter. She then put her middle finger right in my face and pushed it into my face. She then said, "Here let's just pick your nose while we're at it," and she shoved her middle finger up into my nose several times. I did nothing. I was not angry. I did not react. I simply said, "What you just did, and what I just did not do in return proves to you that I am NOT a hypocrite. You are."

My 19-yr old daughter had been awakened at this point and, as she always does, took my wife's side and said, "Leave him alone. Mom, he will never learn. He will not change." I replied and told my daughter what my wife just did, but there was no sympathy for me.

Now should I go to the police today and file a police report? Well, I chose not to.
UponAStar UponAStar
51-55, M
Jan 14, 2013